Get commission-free orders on your mobile apps.

MartWale mobile App is a Storefront and a tech platform that enables restaurants and grocery stores or other retail stores to create their own online stores with zero commission to MartWale. Storefront fees are waived.

Users can place mobile Food or Grocery order from your favorite local restaurants & grocery stores and pickup order, skip the line and the fees. Customers pay zero fees for pickup orders.

How it works

  1. Store owners, sign up for MartWale. Contact
  2. Upload inventory.
  3. Using MartWale Mobile App, Customers selects a local store, checkout cart and places order. Store receives the orders through MartWale mobile app.
  4. Store packs order, App notifies Customer for curb side pickup.
  5. Customer picks up order at store, store owner hands over order and bills credit card. Receipt will be in App.


  1. Customers pay zero fees for pickup orders.
  2. Storefront fees are waived

Mobile App currently does not support Delivery and credit card payments. These features will be launched later this year.